Kevin Bohinski

Software Engineer in Philadelphia.

I love to learn and have a variety of interests.

Current: Comcast Customer Experience, Georgia Tech
Alum: AT&T Labs Research, PubNub, GSA, and TCNJ.

I have a few projects I'm proud of.

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Spring 2017

Our hacker management system for HackTCNJ. chronicel is built on Flask and MySQL, and integrates with MyMLH, MailChimp, MailGun, PubNub, and Slack. The site automatically managed the waitlist, and had a robust administrative interface.


Fall 2016

An Amazon Alexa medical assistant made with AWS Lambda and Node.js. Via the FDA and Twilio APIs Med-Echo provides intelligent assistance for the user. Built at HackRU and won two prizes.

Diagnose Me

Spring 2016

A functional prototype of an SMS public health application. Using Twilio, Node.js, IBM’s Bluemix Cloud, and IBM’s Watson APIs, we created an SMS interface to an automated triage engine.


Spring 2015

A GitHub recommendation system built in Java using Tomcat. It relies upon k-NN and Machine Learning Decision Trees in order to come up with open-source repository recommendations that the user would potentially be interested in.